Julius Malema Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, Networth, First Wife, Children

Julius Malema Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, Networth, First Wife, Children. Julius Sello Malema, born March 3, 1981, is a South African politician and activist. He is a member of Parliament and the founder of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a left-wing political party he founded in 2013.

He led the African National Congress Youth League from 2008 to 2012. Malema joined the African National Congress (ANC) at the age of nine. He was thirty-one years old when he was kicked out of the party in April 2012.

Julius rose to prominence as a supporter of ANC president and later South African President Jacob Zuma. Zuma(5) and Limpopo Province Premier Cassel Mathale both referred to him as South Africa’s “future leader.” Some regard him as a “reckless populist.”

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Malema was found guilty of hate speech on two separate occasions, in March 2010 and September 2011. In November 2011, he was expelled from the ANC for five years for inciting fights within the party. He was found guilty of hate speech again in 2011 for singing “Dubul’ ibhunu,” which means “shoot the Boers.”

This decision was upheld on appeal, and he was expelled from the ANC as a result. In 2012, Malema was charged with fraud, money laundering, and running a criminal gang. The case was thrown out by the courts in 2015 after many delays because the National Prosecuting Authority took too long. B

ecause of the delays, people suspected the charges were politically motivated. However, the Afrikaner rights organization AfriForum announced in 2018 that it would bring a private prosecution against Malema on the corruption charges.

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The name of Julius Malema wife is Mantwa Matlala. She’s lovely, intelligent, and the epitome of a caring wife. Mantwa does not participate in politics or social media, but her supporters are always aware of her presence.

Julius Malema net worth 2022

Julius Malema is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million, which is equivalent to 45 million South African Rand. Malema has had varying degrees of success in business and has been involved in profitable commercial dealings with a variety of engineering companies.

He is, however, accused of misappropriating funds intended for one of his trust accounts. The EFF’s leader also owns a lavish mansion in Johannesburg’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Deputy President David Mabuza’s salary has been proposed to be increased. Mabuza would receive R2.91 million if the proposal is approved.

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Julius Malema first wife

Who is Julius Malema first wife? Malema’s first wife is Mantwa Matlala, whom he married in December 2014. The famous politician has a lovely wife who assists him in his political work. Mantwa is a self-employed accountant. She also works, cares for her children, and runs her household.


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