Kasmere Trice: Who Is LaKeith Stanfield’s girlfriend?

Kasmere Trice: Who Is LaKeith Stanfield’s girlfriend? Kasmere Trice is LaKeith Stanfield’s current girlfriend. She is a model by trade, but her celebrity arose as a result of her friendship with the actor.

She recently gained public prominence after LaKeith proposed to and engaged to her on her birthday. We’ll get acquainted with her in this piece.

Kasmere Trice made headlines on December 30th, 2022 after American actor LaKeith Stanfield proposed to her and she posted photographs of the ring on social media.

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The actor made their romance public in October 2022, and the couple has been spotted together several times since then.

LaKeith Stanfield proposed to her on her birthday, and when she announced it on social media, she tweeted, “Yea… “I’m having the nicest birthday ever,” says the birthday boy. “For my birthday, my baby made me Mrs. Stanfield!” #LaKeithAndKasmereForever,”

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LaKeith sparked engagement speculations in September when he posted a photo of Trice wearing a diamond ring, which he then removed.

Following the engagement announcement, a 24-year-old woman named Tylor Hurd came to Instagram to ruin LaKeith Stanfield and Kasmere Trice’s happiness.

According to her, the actor is the father of her baby, but he has been missing from her life in order to spend more time with his current girlfriend.

“Decided to leave being someone’s hidden family in 2022,” she added. “Please welcome Apollo Stanfield.”

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