Lori Brice Biography

Lori Brice Biography. Lori Brice is famous for being the ex-wife of American stand-up comedian Ron White, who was one of the first people to join the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Lori Brice Biography

In 1962, Lori Brice was born (exact day and month is not yet known). Lori Brice is pretty quiet, so not much is known about her family, siblings (if she has any), early childhood, or education.

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After she got married to the American stand-up comedian Ron White, Lori Brice became well-known. Two times, Ron White was nominated for a Grammy Award. In 1981, Lori Brice and Ron White tied the knot.

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Lori Brice and Ron White, however, split up in 1993. They have a son named Marshall White, who lives with his dad, Ron White, at the moment.

After they broke up, Lori Brice decided to stay out of the spotlight and has been living a quiet life since.

Lori Brice Net Worth 2023

What is Lori Brice net worth? About $1.5 million is how much Lori Brice is worth. But Ron White, her ex-husband, is worth more than $40 million.

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