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Nirmala Mishra Cause of Death, Age, Husband, Parents, Children


Nirmala Mishra was a well-known Indian singer who excelled in Odia film songs as well as Bengali modern and film songs.

We regret to inform you of the death of the legendary singer, who died on July 30th, 2022, at the age of 81. She had paid her taxes.

Nirmala Mishra also received the Balakrushna Das Award.

According to a doctor who treated her. “Around 12.05 a.m., she suffered a massive heart attack and was taken to the nearest nursing home, where the singer was declared dead,”

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Nirmala Mishra

Nirmala Mishra Cause of Death

On July 30th, 2022, Nirmala Mishra died of a heart attack. Majilpur, in the Indian city of Kolkata, was where she died. She had been suffering from age-related ailments for quite some time prior to the sudden heart attack.

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Nirmala Mishra Husband

Nirmala Mishra was a married woman who got married to Pradip Dasgupta before she died at 81. The couple exchanged their marriage vows in West Bengal, India.

Pradip Dasgupta was also a lyricist, music composer, and singer.

Nirmala Mishra Parents

Nirmala Mishra was born to her parents, Mohinimohan Mishra and Bhabani Devi.

Nirmala Mishra Children

Nirmala Mishra and her husband Pradip Dasgupta may have had children, but there is no evidence of them.

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