Tracey Boakye Giving Fellas Pressure With Her After Thanksgiving Party Making It A 4 Day Wedding Reception

With her marriage, actress Tracey Boakye has been putting people under pressure online. Today, the fourth day of the celebration, she outdoes all expectations as she arrives with her husband.

Normal weddings last two to three days, with the reception or party lasting only a day or two. However, Tracey Boakye’s wedding party lasted four days, and today is the after-Thanksgiving party, which is putting pressure on the guests.

This demonstrates unequivocally that Tracey Boakye planned ahead and purposefully carried out all of this in order to put pressure on guys and silence people who have criticized her whenever she claims to be wealthy thanks to these parties.

As for cutting love with her spouse, she is an expert at it based only on the videos we have seen, despite the fact that the husband, although being an actor, seems to be camera-shy. The pressure is simply too much, so we sincerely hope nobody tries to follow in Tracey Boakye’s footsteps or beat her record.
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