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William Shatner Age, Height, Weight Loss, Liver Transplant, Heart Surgery, Diet


William Alan Shatner OC is a Canadian actor born on March 22, 1931. From his 1965 debut as the captain of the Enterprise in the second pilot of the first Star Trek television series to his final appearance as Admiral Kirk in the seventh Star Trek feature film, Star Trek Generations, he is best known for his portrayal of James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise (1994).

Shatner began his film and television acting career in Canadian films and productions before moving on to guest roles on various US television shows. Shatner graduated from Willingdon Elementary School and West Hill High School. He also performed at the Montreal Children’s Theatre. He graduated from the McGill University Faculty of Management in Montreal with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

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His film career began while he was still in college when he landed a minor role in The Butler’s Night Off, a Canadian comedy drama. After graduating from college, he worked as an actor and assistant manager at the Mountain Playhouse in Montreal and the Canadian National Repertory Theatre.

Shatner is best known for his role as James T. Kirk in Star Trek, which he has played for the past seven decades. Other films in which he has appeared include Senior Moment, Miss Congeniality, and Over.

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William Shatner Age

How old is William Shatner? Shatner is 91 years old.

William Shatner Height

What is William Shatner height? Shatner is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

William Shatner Weight Loss

What is William Shatner Weight Loss? Shatner had to lose weight through exercising because he was advised to do so or else he would lose his life.

William Shatner Health 2022

What is William Shatner Health 2022? Shatner does not have any life-threatening illness as of now, except for age-related challenges such as forgetfulness, aches, and pains.

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William Shatner Liver Transplant

How did William Shatner Liver Transplant go? There is no confirmation of Shatner ever undergoing a liver transplant.

William Shatner Heart Surgery

It is not clear if Shatner ever had heart surgery, he however is on record to have suffered heart complications while having surgery on his hips in 2008.

William Shatner Diet

Shatner stays away from fats, salt and sugar; eats lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, and chicken.


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